Malaysiaku - Merdeka Day 2018 Celebration

Fellow Malaysians are sharing their thoughts, views and aspirations on what makes a better Malaysia for this coming Merdeka celebration. Watch them share candidly as their aspirations resonate to all Malaysians!

We are also shedding light on ordinary Malaysians who are doing extraordinary things for others as we learn that simple gesture can bring profound impact on a person’s life. From reforming local education system to giving free haircuts to the homeless, Malaysians are indeed passionate, and their generosity knows no boundaries.

Besides that, enjoy a string of patriotic songs, both new and old throughout the month of great celebration.

Listen to Setia in a new rendition! This classic tune is performed by legendary singers Zainal Abidin, Francisca Peters and Man Bai along with new faces, Nicole Hui and Syamel, to name a few.

We also have Saya Anak Malaysia, Tanggal 31, Ella’s Standing in the Eyes of the World and Zee Avi’s Arena Cahaya for your viewing pleasure!